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​Aubusson Immobilier Aubusson allows you to estimate the price per m2 of your house, apartment, Studio Creuse on our department. This estimation tool is also suitable for all French cities and towns (Aubusson - Alleyrat - Blessac - Bosroger - La Chaussade - Moutier Rozeille - Saint Alpinien - Saint Amand - Saint Maixant - Saint Marc A Frongier - Saint Pardoux Le Neuf - Sainte Feyre - Sainte Feyre La Montagne ...).

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​The estimation results

​​The real estate estimate that we offers is calculated on rent​als​ and property transactions currently ​broadcasted on the ​area of​ AUBUSSON (23200).

Prix m2 AUBUSSON (23200) ​​Price per m2 %ville% of housing for rent in

Type ​Low average Average High average
5 €/m2 8 €/m2 11 €/m2
3 €/m2 4 €/m2 4 €/m2

Prix m2 AUBUSSON (23200) ​Price per m2 %ville% of housing for ​sale​ in

Type ​Low average Average High average
466 €/m2 475 €/m2 490 €/m2
429 €/m2 789 €/m2 1 348 €/m2

Source Réseau ID : Price m2 AUBUSSON

Estimate your property with Aubusson immobilier

Estimate your property is a child's play

​Aubusson immobilier immobilier ​Aubusson ​offers a real estate estimation services to consult the price per m2 of your property in ​Aubusson. This service allows you to make a first estimate from a set of similar housing currently available in ​Aubusson.
Aubusson immobilier immobilier ​Aubusson we recommend to refine the result of price per m2 with ​​the comparative service ​for rental property listings in ​Aubusson.

​With a comparative ads for rent​als​

Estimate your property in Montpellier after a comparative property listings for rent. This method allows you to make projections of rental yields compared to your loan period for the purchase of a house or apartment.

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